Wildlife Ponds for Children. Children love ponds but pond safety is vital. See how a raised pond can be the safest type of pond.

Pond safety – Affordable ………… A child’s life – Priceless

A small child can drown in even a very few centimetres of water. Choosing ponds for children is a worry for most parents. Although Lifepond is no more than about 20 cm. deep, if young children can have access then you must add a protective cover.

SafaPond Direct Ltd [http://www.safapond.com ] can supply suitable covers.

SafaPond can also supply protection for larger ponds for children.

Why Lifepond is a wonderful educational gift for children

Lifepond is an ideal starter pond for children and hence makes a wonderful educational gift. A wildlife pond in your garden is an excellent educational tool to help children understand wildlife.

The unique raised pond design of Lifepond brings wildlife closer to you – and with added safety.

The surface of the water is several inches above ground level making it easy to see even the smallest creatures without risk of slipping in or leaning over too far.

In contrast, the water level of a sunken garden pond is typically several inches below ground level. The risk of slipping in, or leaning over too far so your balance is affected, is a concern – especially with children. Lifepond overcomes these concerns with its raised design.

…and they’ll want to go pond dipping

Once you have your Lifepond the children will want to go pond dipping. Here’s an excellent pond dipping kit from Great Gifts 4 Kids. [ http://www.greatgifts4kids.co.uk/pond-dipping-kit/p1134 ]

“This nature kit offers lots of potential for outdoor fun for adults and kids alike; great to share as a project for the whole family but don’t forget the wellies and old clothes! A lovely gift for all children who love the great outdoors. Suggested ages 6 years and up.”

The kit contains 24 pond life identification cards with images and facts about the creatures, insects and plants to be found, a magnified collection jar, cloth fishing net, notepad and pencil plus full instructions on successful pond dipping.