Wildlife Pond Reviews. Read what other customers said about their Lifepond wildlife ponds.

Really pleased with the pond but it’s bigger than I thought it would be. The pebble effect on the sides is a bit naff but with good planting up around it and pond plants you should be able to make it look more natural and hopefully attract some frogs and insects.” April 2017, Amazon Customer

Bought this as a first dip into pond owning. I sent for plants from puddle plants, most of which are flourishing, and a frog moved in within a few days. He now spends his days relaxing in the pond looking very proprietorial! Birds bathe in it and now there appears to be small water snails gliding about. Totally recommended.” September 2016, Ms. Kim J. Forster

good product, a frog came to live in it after a week.” August 2016, Stan

I do like this pond and my 2 small boys love it however as the water is stagnant beware of smelling water and mosquito lava! wish I’d researched a bit more before I bought this as in theory it’s a lovely idea but in reality it’s a lot of hard work!!” August 2016, Fern
Response: If you buy some oxygenating and cover plants and don’t put it in a sunny area, once the plants have established, it should improve the water quality and be hardly any work at all. 

excellent! We put long plants round the edges so you didn’t see the green plastic. Great for small gardens and covers our man hole!” July 2016, Ms. Victoria Smith

great” July 2016, liz jago

Nice for a small garden, we’ve got frogs and tadpoles already” May 2016, S.C.Bradburn

Very happy with this” December 2015, ms paula palmer

Arrived in good time, well packaged. Easy to set up and is great in a small garden. Very pleased with this 🙂” October 2015, E. Burnett

Brilliant idea. I’ve put some plants in the pond and built a rockery to one side and some wild flower seeds to the other side.. It is in front of a fence with new creepers growing up it. I’ve had this a week now and I have no amphibians yet but the birds are enjoying a good bath. This little area of my small garden already looks great and I am looking forward to next year when the plants and flowers are grown.
Update 2.9.15. I went to put a miniature water lily in the large water section and found it full of larvae which I think are pond skaters.” August 2015, juju

This is so much better than I was expecting. I was a little worried it would be too tiny to be of any real use but was surprised to find when I opened the box that it was a very good size. To put things into perspective as to what frogs actually like, I sunk a bucket in the ground 5 years ago and within a few days I had a resident frog in it. That very first year I had frogspawn in the tiny bucket and I’ve had frogs ever since. This small new pond is a positive palace compared to what my frogs have had!

I placed it not far away from the existing bucket pond, added some British native pond plants and a scattering of gravel, added 3 pieces of rock to form a dark cave in the deep part of the pond and sat back chuffed to bits with this little wildlife habitat.

This pond will be suitable for every garden, from grand manor house gardens to tiny courtyards and will give much pleasure and interest to its human owners, and much needed security and support to frogs, toads, birds and the multitude of mini-beasts that come across it. I may even (when I can afford it) buy another one to place in another part of my rather small garden. Tucked in amongst the shrubs, it really is a good little hideaway home for our wildlife friends.

Big thumbs up from me!” August 2015, Bentley

Great little pond. Not that easy to make level if using it in an area of garden rather than patio, but once planted up looks quite at home anywhere. It’s fascinating watching what suddenly appears in the pond and trying to identify it. Have already recommended this to other family members.” July 2015, Mrs H.

We’ve only had it a couple of weeks, and haven’t had time to set it up. But after the rain yesterday, I went outside, and we have a newt! Of to the aquatic department at the garden center to get what we need.” May 2015 Katharine

“Great little pond. Easy to set up, no digging required. Took me a little while to get it level, but once I got that right the rest was easy.” April 2015 Lisa

“This is a good starter pond for frogs to sit in the summer but it is too small for them to breed in the Spring. Ideal for children to interest them in pond life You don’t have to dig a hole which is a bonus – just build up earth around it . I also bought some pond oxygenating weed and some Barley Straw extract so that the pond water won’t go green. The birds like to sit on the edge and drink from it. It really is no good expecting it to be like a bigger pond but is just nice to have a place for frogs to rest in the heat.” Mar 2015 Jane

“Great for kids. This is brilliant we also ordered from the company the plants and over the weekend we had an up and going wildlife pond can’t wait for the first vists the birds already use it to drink from.” Mar 2015 Amazon Customer

“I bought this in May along with the plants from puddle plants. The plants have all grown really well but none of them have flowered yet. I am not too worried about that though as they still look good. I have seen the blackbirds bathing in the shallow bit. They also pinched alot of the wet soil to start their nest with. Lots of small birds have come to drink from it even though we have 2 other water baths for them. The best bit is the frog that has made his home in it for the summer. He can sometimes be seen in the day time but he mostly comes out at night. All in all a good buy.” Aug 14 Amazon Customer

“Five Stars. Good!” July 2014 Alan


“great idea This is perfect for small gardens and when it’s hard to dig a hole. Not quite sure how accessible it is for frogs etc, so maybe plating up around one of the edges is a good idea.” April 14 Amazon Customer

“The best item ive bought for a long time!!.Missed the wildlife I used to get when I had a large pond. I only have a cottage garden now and wanted the wildlife back. Ideal product can be used anywhere in the garden or patio,also bought relevant plants from puddle plants. Now planted ,cant wait to see if I get new little visitors.My 3 year old grandson helped me plant it ,he comes round everyday looking for frogs…fingers crossed!!” April 2014 Amazon Customer

“DELIGHTED My patio is small and too exposed, so I hoped that I could use a sheltered site. I am very pleased that I have been able to install it exactly where I wanted it by partially digging it in. It is strong, not heavy and adaptable. It will look very natural when the season is right for planting (in and around it). Two frogs visited my small bowl nearby in the summer so I hope that in time they will enjoy this luxury abode.” December 2013 Amazon Customer

“A great way to get into wildlife gardening. We debated the pros and cons of digging a small wildlife pond for a while before deciding on this little pond – we are glad we did as it fits the bill perfectly. Within a week we had our first frog customer and it has been a well used feature by frogs and insects all through the summer. Excellent, well designed, sturdy construction and ideal for a small town garden”. August 2013 Mr Watson

“Arrived quickly and feels very sturdy. It is now filled with water and planted up. It looks good, but sadly only mosquitoes visiting it so far. Great idea for an accessible wildlife pond on your patio. In previous gardens I have dug wildlife ponds, but now having heavy clay soil, I thought to try this alternative. Hopefully, other wildlife will find it soon.” July 2013 Amazon Customer

“I purchased this frog pond because a frog has laid spawn in two of my buckets, now they are Tadpoles, so I thought it best to use this frog pond for them in hope they grow into frogs, it is now 1st July and it must be too cold, no sign of legs on them yet although they are feeding off tadpole food, I am very pleased with the Pond, its just a nice size for my garden, it looks really good…” July 2013 Paula

“Great fun I wanted a pond in the garden without the work of digging out one. It arrived quickly just unpack it read intrusions ,placed in garden filled with water a few plants & watched. Over the next few weeks slowly life appeared in it. Birds stop & have a drink in it to. Will worth the money & so easy.” June 2013 Mrs Cable

“easy quick and instant pond ! Really great product, could be a little larger or have choice of sizes. Quick to arrive.well designed with different depths.looks good, keep watching wildlife already in it !” June 2013 Amazon Customer

“Very Good Idea for a Small Garden Really pleased with my purchase (it arrived today, two days earlier than expected). Measuring 76cm x 96cm, it’s perfect for a small garden. I’m looking forward to seeing the wildlife move in and make it their home.” May 2013 Jans

“Came quickly, well packaged. I’ve bought different pond plans, the oxygenating ones are good to keep the water clear. No tadpoles or frogs as yet but it still looks good with plants and some shells around the border. Would like to buy a water lily next. Excellent for small garden or patio. Even good for partner who likes his lawn perfect! And doesn’t want a dug in type pond. Sturdy. Rather expensive but worth it. Glad I got it.” May 2013 Ms Taylor

“I have a frog! I thought about buying this for ages, I thought it was quite expensive, but being unable to dig down to make a pond, it was the only thing I could find on the market. However it turned out to be quite large and good quality, and flexible enough for not quite even ground. And it wasn’t that expensive, really. I bought a starter kit of plants from Puddle Plants which quickly took over. I surrounded it with logs and put it fairly close to my compost bin and a pile of old leaves and some pots. That was only about 4 months ago, and I have just found a frog living in it! This may be common in a country garden, but I am in London and the “garden” behind my shop is the concrete foundation of an old out-building. I wasn’t sure there would even be a local frog community to populate it. I was cutting the plants back slightly today and it jumped out onto the plastic surround. The frog doesn’t mind it being plastic.” Aug 2012 Jonix

A brilliant pond for small spaces & big help to wildlife“, 26 Mar 2012, M. B. (Lincolnshire, England.)

So pleased! The pond is exactly as I expected! It has planted beautifully ( Puddle Plants) and I already have frogs! Am very pleased with it and wish I had had one for years!” 21 April 2012, PLS

Quick delivery and item as described- seems nice and strong.” 18 May 2012, TRL

This product is better than I expected.. I bought it because I don’t have any soil and cannot dig down to make a pond. Yes it is plastic, but it is more substantial and better quality than pictures on the website suggest. I am now quite excited about planting it out and I hope that there are some frogs and newts in the area who might find it and come and live in it!” 4 May 2012, Jonix

The pond is great. Easy to set up. Even the smallest garden can accomodate this pond. Do your bit for wildlife and buy one. Can not recommend highly enough.” 30 April 2012, T.J.Main

Prompt delivery, well packaged and very easy to set up, within a day the birds were bathing in it .” 21 April2012, GM B.

Superb service and product!” 21 April 2012, PLS

Haven’t installed yet – and it does look a bit smaller than in the picture – but that’s my fault for not measuring and checking before ordering. Otherwise, looks great!” 22 February 2012, Cathy M

This item was delivered very quickly & was well packaged. Brilliant product and 1st class seller. A*” 25 January 2012, Margaret B.

The item I ordered arrived in time and in good condition so pleased with the seller. Excellent service all round.” 23 September 2012, Janet S.