Small Wildlife Ponds. See how to create a successful wildlife habitat in the smallest garden with no digging!

Is it possible to have a small wildlife pond that sits on my patio or deck? And how small can a wildlife pond be and still provide a natural habitat to be enjoyed by native garden wildlife?

The Lifepond small wildlife ponds have been carefully designed to offer a home to the maximum amount of garden wildlife using the minimum amount of water, and taking up the least amount of space.

This small wildlife pond has a unique raised pond design – read why you want a raised pond here – and provides the perfect garden wildlife habitat for small gardens, patios and decks. The Lifepond wildlife pond has

  • Deepwater Zone with Sunning Area
  • Shallow Zone with Slope
  • Marsh Plants Zone
  • Climbing Slope for Amphibians

and even a wildlife refuge beneath the pond!

This unique design is Patent no. 2488313 and Registered Community Design 1675216. It takes up little room being just 76cm wide x 96cm long x 20cm high, with a water volume of 38 litres. There is nothing like a Lifepond!

See where to buy and soon your Lifepond could be delivered to your door. Follow the easy instructions and  you will quickly be enjoying your own wildlife pond.

Deepwater Zone with Sunning Area

Small Wildlife Ponds Deepwater ZoneLifepond provides a deep water area where you can find frogs and newts during the breeding season. The Deepwater Zone is surrounded by a built-in sunning area.

Shallow Zone with Slope

Small Wildlife Ponds Shallow ZoneLinked by a slope, the shallow water area of your Lifepond will attract insects such as dragonflies, butterflies and water boatmen. Birds will delight in bathing and the shallow zone provides them with a source for drinking water.

Marsh Plants Zone

Small Wildlife Ponds Marsh PlantsNo wildlife pond is complete without a bog garden and area of Marsh Plants. Lifepond has a defined planting area with a special irrigation channel which allows marsh plants to thrive and provides a haven for butterflies and amphibians.

Climbing Slope for Amphibians

Small Wildlife Ponds Climbing Slope and Wildlife RefugeAmphibians need easily scalable sloping sides. Lifepond has a climbing slope on 2 sides. The other 2 sides are steeper to aid siting the pond in a corner, if required.

Wildife Refuge

Small Wildlife Ponds Climbing Slope and Wildlife RefugeThe Wildlife Refuge provides a haven beneath the pond and is accessible at two points.

Click the link to see the Garden Wildlife You’ll Attract with your Small Wildlife Ponds.