New Wildlife Pond Site. Be part of a growing movement providing wildlife havens in the urban environment.

Creating a new wildlife pond is a wish for many people who recognise that wildlife ponds offer a welcome haven for all sorts of creatures. This new site is dedicated to giving as many people as possible the opportunity to create a wildlife haven in their garden, however small.

And gardens are getting smaller. As the urban landscape spreads, many homeowners are unaware that they can create a new wildlife pond. They either think they don’t have the space, or they don’t want to (or can’t)  dig a hole. They may also be worried about pond safety for children.

So how can you be part of the growing wildlife conservation movement?

The new wildlife pond solution

Lifepond is an excellent solution for all these concerns, though normal rules of pond safety must be observed with young children.

A new wildlife pond We have designed Lifepond wildlife ponds to provide a viable habitat in a compact 76 x 96cm space. The freestanding design means you don’t even need to dig a hole and it’s much safer than a sunken pond.

All you need do is add some aquatic soil and plants to the marsh plant area and some oxygenating plants to the deepwater area. Then, fill the new wildlife pond with water (ideally rainwater).

Soon, your new wildlife pond will be contributing to the diversity of wildlife in your garden. Bugs and other fascinating creatures will appear. Birds will visit and drink and butterflies and dragonflies will be attracted. With luck, it’s possible that newts and frogs will move in.

We hope you enjoy the new site whether or not you are creating your own new wildlife ponds.