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Garden Wildlife GuideThe Garden Wildlife Guide is a FREE resource to make sure installing Lifepond provides you and your family with an exciting way of being introduced to nature in your back garden.

The Garden Wildlife Guide is designed in two stages. The main text gives brief details of the most common creatures which you may see visiting your pond. The second stage goes into more detail with topics which you may find of
particular interest.

Our guide is intended to introduce you to some interesting facts about what you are likely to encounter once your pond is established – but please remember that nature can take its time to set up home.

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There are many other sources providing detailed information about garden wildlife, and we have provided some useful wildlife links that you may wish to explore.

About the Garden Wildlife Guide

Garden Wildlife Guide author Dr J N CarringtonThe guide’s author, Dr Neville Carrington, was founder of a leading company manufacturing products for ornamental fish, has written books on fish diseases and water chemistry, and is a prolific writer on subjects connected to pond life.

Your Wildlife Pond will provide a valuable benefit for many creatures in your garden. You will be surprised how quickly the birds, dragonflies and butterflies will find and colonise the area. Amphibians such as newts and frogs are almost certainly in your locality but may take a little longer to find the water.

This guide has been designed to provide a step by step guide on how to install your wildlife pond along with an overview of the wide range of creatures the pond attract to your garden. If you wish to explore any particular points of interest then further links are provided.