Freestanding Wildlife Pond. See how easy it is to have a wildlife pond without digging a hole.

One of the features of Lifepond that sets it apart from other wildlife ponds, is its Freestanding Wildlife Pond design. Being a Freestanding Wildlife Pond means it’s:

  • easy to install – no digging or building
  • easy to move
  • easy to plant
  • easy for wildlife viewing – children love it

One of the features of Lifepond that sets it apart from other wildlife

ponds is its raised pond design. Being a raised pond means

easy installation – no digging!
easy to move
easy to plant – read about the marsh zone
easy wildlife viewing – especially for children

Building your Freestanding Wildlife Pond

Freestanding Wildlife Pond on a patioWith the Lifepond freestanding wildlife pond you don’t have to dig a hole, and there’s nothing to build or assemble.

The Lifepond arrives in its special carton direct to your door. Simply unpack and place it where it will give you most pleasure in your garden. A patio or deck is ideal so you get year round easy access. Remember, Lifepond is only 76cm wide x 96cm long x 20cm high, with a water volume of 38 litres.

To create the best conditions for wildlife we recommend you place your Lifepond freestanding wildlife pond in a partially shaded part of your garden.

Moving your Freestanding Wildlife Pond

If you need to move your freestanding wildlife pond after it has become established in one position, this is easy. Simply bale out as much water as possible and save it.

Because Lifepond is made of substantial material, you should then be able to drag it to where you want it. It may help to slide the pond over a plastic sheet so as to disturb the inhabitants as little as possible. Alternatively two people should be able to lift it to a new position.

Then carefully replace the water, topping up with some fresh. We designed the pond to attract garden wildlife with the minimum amount of water – a useful feature when there’s a water shortage.

Please bear in mind that yet another feature of your Lifepond freestanding pond is the space beneath it for garden wildlife. So, depending on the time of year, you may be disturbing an unseen resident!

Pond Plants in your Freestanding Wildlife Pond

Freestanding Wildlife Pond has area for Marsh PlantsThe Marsh Plant zone in your Lifepond is easy to get at thanks to the freestanding raised pond design.

What you plant may depend on the time of year and the type of pond wildlife you would like to attract. A suitable selection is available from

There is a whole section on plants and planting in Dr Carrington’s free Garden Wildlife Guide.

Viewing Wildlife in your Freestanding Wildlife Pond

The unique freestanding design of Lifepond brings wildlife closer to you – and with added safety.

The surface of the water is several inches above ground level making it easy for you to see even the smallest creatures without risk of slipping in, or leaning over too far.

In contrast, the water level of a sunken garden pond is typically several inches below ground level. The risk of slipping in, or leaning over too far so your balance is affected, is a concern – especially with children. The raised freestanding design helps make Lifepond an excellent wildlife pond for children.

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